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I remember when I was living in Qatar a lot of my UK expat friends used to talk about their favorite BBC soap operas, documentaries and shows. For the UK expats it was not just about the shows, it was more about having a piece at home in their chosen location of expatriation and about keeping up with local culture and news.  So I did sit together with my techie friends and looked into available solutions. We tested quite a bit of different setups and providers, but it was worth the effort as we all enjoyed BBC OneBBC TwoBBC ThreeBBC Fourcbbs and Cbeebies “Well the kids enjoyed that last one :p ” in the end.


Well not just the locations in the header above, with the help below you will be able to enjoy BBC Iplayer globally. Basically all you need is to either have a VPN account or a Smart DNS account. There are differences between the way these two work and there is a different feature set for both.  The important thing to keep in mind is that BOTH solutions will achieve your goal of watching BBC Iplayer from anywhere in the world.


Smart DNS providers such as Unlocator Smart DNS proxy are easy to setup and can get you up and running in seconds. All you have to do is sign up and add the DNS servers to your router or device “Plenty of articles and support available”. If you choose to setup DNS on the router all your devices will work while at home, if you choose to setup VPN on the device it will work from anywhere. The two downsides are that you will only get the UK channels that are supported “All the major ones last time I checked” and only the relevant part of your traffic is piped to the UK which speeds up the connection but does not encrypt all your traffic and thus your privacy is not ensured.

VPN providers such as Hide My Ass VPN Service you will be able to choose from 300 different locations covering almost all countries globally, all you traffic will be encrypted so your ISP will NOT be able to monitor your browsing and Internet activities. Setup is easy as well and there is plenty of documentation and support. The downside is that your device has to support VPN which means that your SmartTV for example will not work, Unless you have a router that does support VPN, then all your devices will work.